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Stockton Lake Fishing Report

 Winter 2017

Lake 5 foot low
Temperature might vary a little, but won't change things much.


Crappie are what most people go after in the winter months, and if you want to catch crappie, all you need to find is the shad.  Some of the more popular areas for the shad are in price branch, googer, and the state Park area.  Once you have located the shad, just drop down with a crappie jig and hold it real still.  You will feel a bump, and you need to set the hook.  It's hard to give a depth for the fish during the winter, I've got them in 15 foot to 60 foot.  Just remember, if you are fishing really deep, take your time reeling them in just on case they are to short.

Walleye will school in the same areas as the crappie.  So make sure to have a net while crappie fishing.  As soon as the water starts to warm up, the males will move towards the spawning areas.

Catfish hang out in the channels, but I can't begin how and where to send you to catch them.

Bass hang out in the same areas but seem to be a little shallower than the crappie during the winter months.  Fish jerk baits or an a rig and be prepared to hook into some nice bass.  Once you find them, you can have a great day even when it's really cold.

For all those that don't want to spend the winter on a boat, the bluffs offer some nice winter fishing for crappie.  Just fish them really slow and bring extra jigs.

Tight lines and see ya on the lake,

Bob Bennett
Stockton Lake Guide Service

Fishing won't change much during the winter.










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